Dette er en visuell undersøkelse
om et uløst mysterium.


This is a visual investigation
about an unsolved mystery.

Important dates
  1. 111970
  2. 121970
  3. 021971
  4. 052017

Found evidence
  1. Crime scene 
  2. Objects
  3. Code sheet
  4. Hotel forms
  5. Forensics
  6. Testimonies

Possible leads and identities
  1. Suicide
  2. Espionage
  3. Giovanni Trimboli
  4. Jennifer Fairgate
  5. Sketches
  6. Possible identities

Who is The Isdal Woman? 
Help us find the answers.

This is a visual investigation of an unsolved mystery.

50 years ago a burnt body was found in the Isdal Valley, also known as the Death Valley, due to its many suicides during the middle ages. Until today the body couldn’t be identified.

Who was she? Why was she found in such a remote place? Why did the police close the case so soon? Was it suicide? Was it murder?

We’re Simon Van Geel & Alix Jacops, two photographers from Belgium.
While we were planning our next trip to Norway, we stumbled upon this cold case. We were intrigued by this mysterious story and discovering that the Isdal Woman had a link with Belgium convinced us to make a project about her.

This website is the starting point of a visual investigation. For now it mainly consists out of found footage but we’re hoping to complete it with your help. If you’ve any pictures, drawings, tips, theories about the IW, please feel welcome to share them. We’re open to all kinds of visual material.

We’re looking forward to receive your input to solve this mysterious case together.

Simon & Alix 

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